Carolyn Hine

Fitness Instructor


I first met Micky and Suzi when I started working as a Fitness Instructor for Fusion Lifestyle and covered some of their Les Mills Body Balance classes at Totnes Pavilion Leisure Centre.


Suzi then became my Soft Tissue Therapist and from there on we discovered I share their real passion for helping people get their bodies moving more easily as a way to improve overall health and well-being.



What's the best thing about being a fitness instructor?


" Apart from what my classes give to the participants that I'm there for, I particularly love it when a piece of choreography fits perfectly with the music and it gives me goose bumps! "

About Me

In what feels like my former life now, I have a degree in environmental biology.
I'm still a bit of a science-nerd, in that I continue to enjoy reading science articles and I'm always fascinated to learn new things. But I've also valued joining in with group exercise to music classes for many years. I love moving to music and especially the hour of 'escapism' a class can bring.


I'm probably no different from many Fitness Instructors in that my love of being in classes was what inspired me to train to start teaching them. It's great to be able to pass on the good feelings, and all the fantastic benefits the exercise brings, to others!


When I'm not teaching, training or listening to music and making up choreography - all things I love to do - I like to make time to read. Keeping in touch and connected to my friends and family is important to me and I especially love travelling to Italy to see my young niece.

Why would you come to one of my classes?


Whatever I'm teaching it's important to me that I can always offer enough options and modifications so everyone has a class they can feel comfortable in that suits their individual level of mobility and fitness.


Whether I'm jumping around in a high cardio class (like the one in this image) or whether I'm teaching a much more gentle, low impact level class like the ones I teach at MOVEDtoMOVEOnline, you won't find me encouraging in-class competition, having to do everything at a 'top level', or even having to 'get it right'! I respect that everyone has their own particular limits and that everyone's body is different.


I consider it my job to do everything I can to keep you safe and give you enough challenge to help you work towards your fitness goals in a way that's both enjoyable and achievable.


Beyond any of this, I just want everyone to enjoy themselves in my classes and experience feeling successful, satisfied and comfortable every time!


I'm happy to chat about what I have to offer and how my classes might suits you, so just get in touch if you have any questions.

What do I teach?

I've been teaching a range of fitness classes since qualifying as an Instructor in 2012. I've delivered, and continue to deliver, a wide variety of classes ranging across High Impact Aerobic Style classes and Body Conditioning classes to Aquafit and Gentle Yoga...and pretty much everything in between!


My most recent certification is in Standing and Seated Exercise to Music Classes for Older Adults, one of the reasons I'm joining the MOVEDtoMOVE Team. 


I'm a Les Mills Instructor, certified across the Body Balance, Body Pump, Body Combat and Body Attack programmes. I'm also qualified in Zumba, Beachbody Insanity HIIT and PiYo, Spin (studio cycling), Fitness Pilates, Aquafit and 'My Kind of Yoga' and regularly teach these classes in a studio (and pool) setting when possible.


 In 2019 I gained my level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification to take things up a level and I've recently enjoyed my level 3 Pilates training. I continue to love to learn, and I believe it's good practice to continue to put myself in the position of a student, as well as a teacher. 


I've recently participated in Suzi's (from MOVEDtoMOVE) Adore Your Pelvic Floor course to add to my knowledge-base and better help women maintain healthy and safe conditions for their pelvic floor muscles during exercise. Plus I have  added some additional Pilates training to support teaching people who have orthopaedic conditions. 

What do I teach at


My Kind of Yoga™

For those who like a complete yoga class but find a mainstream yoga class too intimidating, daunting or simply too much, Carolyn's My Kind of Yoga classes are the perfect solution.


With MOVEDtoMOVE enjoy an hour of GentleYOGAFlow at your pace and level.


Available on Request

Fitness Pilates

After that hour-glass figure?!


Fitness Pilates focuses on Pilates-based movement sequences to help increase core strength and improve the waistline in an enjoyable class to music! You'll find yourself gaining strength throughout your whole body as we work through the different moves.


Weds Mornings 9.15am - 10.15am


Extra options. Extra attention. Extra content. My Older Adults Extra class is for those who are 60+ and want to work strength, moderate cardio, balance, games, coordination, stretching and pelvic floor work all in to one class! Designed to suit those who need to sit (inc. wheelchair users) and those able to stand or stand with support.


Weds Afternoons 2pm - 3pm



Also planned for MOVEDtoMOVEOnline

(with Carolyn Hine) in 


MOVEDtoMOVE's FLOW class offers an all round feel-good fusion of body conditioning, flexibility and relaxation as well as creating a great balance between mind and body. It's also a class that just makes Carolyn smile! Movements in these classes are based on T'ai Chi, Yoga and Pilates elements. Option for an evening FLOW class upon request.

PILATESIntervals brings you a little more from your Pilates class!


This class combines the Rest-Based Interval Training format (from MOVEDtoMOVE's POWERFlowPLUS class) with Classic Pilates sequences for improved power and strength.

A seated version My Kind of Yoga class designed particularly for those unable to get up and down from the floor, or stand easily. Stay seated throughout your entire yoga class.


(Can also be done standing - supported or unsupported - for those who require a yoga class without any floor work.)

This is what some of my Class Participants have to say about me...



"I never looked forward to a fitness class until you were my instructor...thank you Carolyn!" - Alison Stewart


(A testimonial from a self-confessed former fitness phobic!)

See more on my Facebook Page.





Studio and online class participant

Noreen Fairweather

Studio and online class participant

A note from Micky & Suzi:

We don't choose our MOVEDtoMOVEOnline Instructors

without a whole lot of thought!


We invited Carolyn to join our Instructor Team after seeing her impress us again and again

with her integrity in many areas of value of great important to us. 


We've seen these qualities in her over the past few years since we became FitPro colleagues,

but the covid-19 lockdown situation clinched the deal for us as we watched Carolyn demonstrate 

the type of resilience, adaptability and determination to continue serving her class members (for free!)

that we think marks a STAR Instructor!


Here are some of the qualities we love about Carolyn...

  • A sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology


    We love that Carolyn has developed an interest in the anatomy of movement and injury - and has begun to pursue additional training - that extends above and beyond the required L2 and L3 qualifications of a Fitness, Yoga, Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer!

  • An ability for clear, concise teaching


    No 'fluff', no sensationalism, no messing. Carolyn says it as it is, so you know exactly what she means and exactly what to do!

  • The 100% loyalty and support she offers her class members


    Hopefully it goes without saying that an Instructor's class participants always come first! We 100% know that Carolyn will be continuously thinking about what's best for you to keep you safe, motivated and reaching for your goals.

  • Resilience and resourcefulness


    We all come across unexpected moments, and life as an instructor is no exception! Whether it's glitches in our music system, an unpredictable situation with a participant in class, rain finding its way in through a leaky roof, or covid lockdown putting a halt to studio classes, a healthy dose of resourcefulness and resilience is required. Carolyn has shown us time and time again that she has plenty both!

  • Variety 


    We pretty much know that if we receive requests to add a new type of class to our MOVEDtoMOVEOnline schedule, Carolyn will be qualified to teach it!

  • A passion for learning


    Carolyn shares our passion for learning. Like us, she is continually wanting to increase her knowledge in order to improve her teaching, and her participants' experience. Carolyn is wise enough to always make space for new learning.

  • And MORE!


    If you haven't already been to Carolyn's classes, come along to one of her MOVEDtoMOVEOnline classes to find out for yourself why we're so pleased to have her join our Instructor Team! 

Want to join me?


I'm looking forward to seeing you in class!

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MOVEDtoMOVE is the creation of . . .


Micky & Suzi Read, a husband and wife team who love their work together and have a passion for helping people to Move More Easily, Get More Active & Enjoy Life More.


They are both Soft Tissue Therapists (inc. Injury Rehab., Remedial Movement & Clinical, Remedial, Sports Massage), Fitness Instructors and Older Adults Fitness Coaches.


​Additional specialities: Pelvic Floor Health Coach and Exercise Referral (via GP).



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