Know you need to Keep Moving to Stay Happy & Healthy but find it hard to Stay Active and Moving as Freely & Easily as you want to? 


Maybe you're...


Fed Up of Niggling Aches & Pains?

Feeling Stiff & Creaky?

Starting to Struggle with Stairs?


And almost certainly...


Know you need to keep moving to keep Fit & Strong!


But what if, like many others, you can't find an exercise class that suits you? You want a class that lets you go at your own pace. You don't want to be in a big class full of people. You don't like the loud music and a fitness culture that always pushes you to do more than is good for you. You need expert instructors, and even specialist instructors who are experienced in working with people with injuries, health issues and people over 60.



Want to Move More Easily, Get More Active and Enjoy Life More...

...all from the comfort and safety of your own home?


All our MOVEDtoMOVEOnline Classes have been created especially to provide a friendly, welcome, accessible and attainable movement experience for those that find mainstream Fitness, Yoga and Exercise classes - or going to the gym - a 'bit too much' for any reason.

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  • You can chat to us about any health conditions or injuries you have before or after class
  • We'll show you individualised modifications to movements to best suit your level if you need them
  • We have classes you can do standing or down on the mat as well as classes you can do seated on a chairholding on for support or without having to get down on the floor 
  • VIDEO REPLAY Classes so you can repeat a class in your own time if you'd like to
  • BONUS CONTENT: relevant articles, blogs, tips and mini teaching videos 
  • You can try out ANY OR ALL of our Classes and Instructors!
  • We'll help you find THE BEST FIT for you, your body, your fitness & mobility levels and your lifestyle
  • You'll be in a community of likeminded people, all in a similar situation, supporting and encouraging each other  
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Our MOVEDtoMOVEOnline Class Schedule Includes:


T'AI CHI (Structured Movement & Exercise Sequences to Enhance Balance, Co-ordination

& Heart Health whilst Decreasing Stress)

SLOWFlow (Gentle Movement to Music for General Mobility, Balance, Joint Strength & Relaxation)

FLOW (Yoga, Pilates & T'ai Chi Fusion to Music for Overall Body Toning, Flexibility & Well-Being)

POWERFlow (Moderate Strength Exercises to Music for Improving Bone, Joint and Muscle Strength)

FitnessPILATES (Beginners Pilates for Focus to Improvements in Core Strength, Control and Stability) 

POWERFlowPLUS (Rest-Based Interval Training to Increase Fitness, Strength & Stamina)

NEW FITFlow (All-Round 3-in-1 Fitness Class to Improve Heart Health, Strength,

Balance, Coordination, Flexibility & Mood)

Monthly FEATURE CLASS (Something new and different to try out every month! First Monday each month)




Still not sure if you're ready to Take the Leap?


Perhaps you've been to classes before and felt you couldn't keep up?


You're worried about whether it's safe?


Or you've simply been to fitness classes that you just didn't 'get on' with?



 The Movement Practice we offer in our classes is formed from our combined Experience, Expertise & Qualifications in: 

  • Fitness Instructing 
  • T'ai Chi Teaching 
  • Injury Rehab Therapy
  • Remedial Movement Therapy
  • Sports, Remedial & Clinical Massage Therapy
  • Older Adult Fitness Coaching
  • Pelvic Floor Awareness & Education Coaching 


We make it our business to help you find the best and safest movements for your body because we really want to help you Move More you can Get More you can Enjoy Life More.


We also strive to offer classes that everyone will find friendly, welcoming, relaxed and enjoyable. Partly because that's just the way we are! But also because evidence suggests that people get the best results from enjoyable exercise (and they're more likely to stick to their exercise plans). Plus studies also tell us that social interaction helps us to live longer. So that's another great reason for a friendly, sociable class experience! 






Who are our classes for?


MOVEDtoMOVEOnline Classes are perfect for you if:


  • you know you need to get moving a bit more
  • you've been told by your doctor that you ought to start exercising
  • you feel like you might be a bit too stiff, creaky, achey or tired for an exercise class
  • you think you might be too 'old' (spoiler alert: there's no such thing as 'too old'!)
  • you are recovering from an injury
  • you've had surgery, been told you can exercise again but don't know where to start
  • you just don't think you're fit enough to join a movement class
  • you just haven't been able to find a fitness class to suit you...


If any of the above apply to you...then you're probably in the right place!







"We are all unique individuals. Our bodies reflect our own life experience (wounds, warts 'n' all!)

We need classes - and instructors - that recognise and cater for this. With Movement Classes, Remedial Movement or

Injury Rehab, it's ludicrous to expect a 'One-Size Fits All' approach to actually work!

If we try to do that, we generally end up with people who feel bad...and feel bad about themselves too.

They can begin to think there's nothing they can do about things, or that they've run out of

ways to help themselves get any better.

And that's a downward spiral to be in. We support people in turning that around.

Or, better still, to 'get in there' before it can happen!"   

~  Suzi ReadMOVEDtoMOVE




We believe in education, encouragement & empowerment to help you get - or keep - moving easily, safely & enjoyably.

We can help you find the right class, or mix of classes, from our Online Class Schedule that's

best for you, your body & your situation.




(We operate a 'Try Before You Buy' policy for our live MOVEDtoMOVE services.

By signing up for a 14-Day FREE Trial Membership you will not be charged a penny & we don't take any card details.

You are under no obligation to purchase a paid-for subscription following your FREE Trial Membership.

This offer is only available to those who have not already signed-up for a Trial MOVEDtoMOVEOnline Membership

and may not be used in conjunction with another offer.)



Here's what some of our MOVEDtoMOVE Members

have to say...


Author. Retired Nurse. Granny to many!

"Since I've been coming to classes with Suzi & Micky I can get up off the ground without having to lean on a chair or find something to help me get up. That's a wonderfully freeing feeling."





Aged 80. Comes to 4 MOVEDtoMOVE classes every week!

"I fell and dislocated my shoulder and came to Micky & Suzi's classes during my recovery. They are helping me more than the exercises

the physio gave me! I come to FLOW twice a week as well as

POWERFlow and POWERFlow Plus! These classes are keeping

my body mobile and keeping me fitter and feeling younger.

And I love that I can do them from my own living room!


Retired Clinical Psychologist

"Without regular classes I wake in the morning with a stiff back and my 'wonky knee' acts up as I go downstairs. I tried YouTube classes in lockdown but found myself sitting with a cup of coffee watching the instructor working out! The ethos in all the MOVEDtoMOVE classes is to work within your capacity, to maintain the appropriate, safe movements and then to gently challenge yourself to do a little more - but all in the friendliest fashion. At the end of a POWERFlowPLUS class I feel ready for anything...and I keep coming back!


Business Owner & Proud Grandma

"I had a painful knee which was getting worse and everything was becoming more painful and difficult once I reached my 60s. Now I honestly feel like I have a new knee! I have a spring in my step and I don't have to think about going up stairs or getting in and out the car because it doesn't hurt anymore. I can honestly say that joining MOVEDtoMOVE has been the best thing I've done this year.





Was looking for a 'doable' class to help her keep supple

"The online classes have been a real lifesaver during lockdown.

Not only did I have something on the calendar to

look forward to but I had some new friends too.

The movement work felt invigorating and set me up for the day"

We want people to enjoy our classes (and they do!). 

But the true value we feel we give starts to really show when our Members:

  • start to see the progress they're making
  • find themselves doing things they haven't been able to do for years!
  • start to see a difference in their everyday lives e.g. stairs becoming easier because their strength and balance is getting better; being able to reach up and get things out of the cupboard again; even being able to get up and down from the floor to play with grandchildren!
  • realise they are no longer in pain when they get up out of bed or after an afternoon's gardening
  • feel younger
  • suddenly realise they are Moving More Easily, Getting More Active again & Enjoying Life More!

It keeps them coming back to class again and again. And it's what makes us love our work and makes helping people - many of them possibly just like you! - so very rewarding.






We are Micky & Suzi Read, a husband and wife team of established movement and fitness professionals based near Totnes, Devon, UK.


We love working together on our passion for helping people Move More Easily, Get More Active & Enjoy Life More.


We are both Soft Tissue Therapists (inc. Injury Rehab., Remedial Movement & Clinical, Remedial, Sports Massage), Fitness Instructors and Older Adults Fitness Coaches.


Suzi also specialises in Women's Pelvic Floor Coaching and Micky's specialisms are T'ai Chi Instruction and Exercise Referral (via GP).



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